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Lifting equipment Service & Repairs

Our highly trained and experienced technicians service and conduct performance testing on all vehicle lifts every six months as per legislation. We also offer Load Testing services. We source, manufacture, and install parts for any Car lift.

Make sure your equipment is compliant to avoid any health and safety issues. Please contact us to assist you in setting up a maintenance plan that suits your needs.

Garage Doors

Prevention is better than cure… With numerous moving parts, it can be hard to tell if your Garage Door is becoming a bit worse for wear. Professionally Servicing and Maintaining the integrity of your Garage Door on an annual basis is the best way to avoid accidents caused by the failure of parts that become unreliable due to wear and tear.

Catching a risk before it becomes a problem will save money in the long run and can play a fundamental role in the prevention of serious injury. You will be provided with a check-list to ensure that all the relevant checks, adjustments and fixes have been performed.

What we need to know before booking the service

  • Do you perform a monthly inspection on your garage door?
  • Do you have a double, single or multiple single doors?
  • Is the door a Roll-Up, Tip-Up, Tension, or Torsion System? (Not Sure)
  • What material is your door made of? Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Glass, etc
  • Do you have a motor? What is the name of the motor?
  • Is there anything that is of particular concern to you?

Service Rates can be requested. Contact us for rates


Installing a garage door is not an easy project and may seem overwhelming; Uno Systems will keep you informed of what both parties need to bring to the table throughout the duration of the installation. Our workmanship carries a 6 Month Warranty, to ensure you are content with your Garage Door Installation.


Your Garage Door is the largest moving part of your home where many elements work together to create a harmonious, working entrance to your garage. Dysfunctional hardware, damage to the door or its system can make the entire structure extremely dangerous and could cause major damage to your property, serious injury to a person and, in worst cases, could result in death.

Even in cases where a fix seems as easy as replacing a part, it is recommended that a professional is brought in to assess the damage and ensure that it did not cause any further, unseen risks.



We try our best to determine the cost of a repair before our teams go out on the job; however, it is near impossible to make an exact determination without inspecting the site first.

Please contact us to discuss the damages to your garage door and we will be happy to assist with an estimate as far as we can. If we find that further work or parts need replacing while on site, we will first contact you before proceeding with the work.

Kindly note that should you require a call-out for a quotation, a call out fee will be charged regardless of whether the quote is accepted.

What we need to know before service

  • Do you have a double, single or multiple single doors?
  • Is the door a Roll-Up, Tip-Up, Tension, or Torsion System? (Not Sure)
  • What material is your door made of? Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Glass, etc
  • Do you have a motor? What is the name of the motor?
Roller Shutters

Having your roller shutter regularly maintained and serviced will save you alot of money and prolong the life of you products.

Even though that’s the case, caution should also be taken when it comes service and maintaining roller shutters. In many jurisdictions roller shutter services must conform to all relevant SANS standards, OHS ACT (occupational health and safety act) regulations and all other legislation that might be relevant with the service. And must be carried out in accordance with prevailing industry norms, best practice and will always comply with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements. At a absolute minimum, as according to various quality standards, Roller shutters should be serviced at least once every 6 months.

Its always recommended that you service your roller shutters as often as possible in order to identify faults early on and help prevent future losses. The frequency of service highly depends on the nature of the roller shutter and its usage profile, high frequency usage will make a roller shutter more prone or susceptible to general wear and tear. In some circumstances like a high traffic instances regular servicing is requirement and in others it’s a security profile and insurance requirement and/or legal requirement.

When it comes to servicing roller shutters, Uno Systems has a number of options both on contract and on-call:
  • Roller shutter service and maintenance contracts offered directly by Uno Systems.
  • Roller shutter service and maintenance contracts offered by independent entities, meeting standards as required by the OEM Uno Systems as well as any applicable governing law and/or regulations.

Whether it’s for a simple roller shutter garage door for home or business, a manual or electrically operated roller shutter door or more complex industrial roller shutters, service is vital to keeping the product in the best working conditions to avoid any costly repair services, emergency calls or compromise in your security or safety.

At Uno Systems we have dedicated service teams, and our expert roller shutter consultants are always just a call away to assist with any information regarding our quality strategies and process to give you the confidence you need regarding our roller shutter products.

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